Blog #7 Non Western, Part 1

29 Jul

These pieces of pottery are part of William Itter’s Nigerian Artist Potters collection.  They are part of a collection put together over the past decade and comprised of dozens of pieces, varying from ceremonial pots to functional-looking vessels. Itter also has several other collections from all across Africa (see here).  William Itter is a professor at Indiana University and an avid collector and artist.  The last picture is an IU collection, which contains pieces donated from William Itter’s personal collections.

I chose Nigerian pottery because I enjoy decor that has a warm, unique, artistic, and rugged feel. Pottery is an art form that the artist spends so much time touching, holding, shaping, and perfecting.  To me, that makes it feel personal.  Also, art that isn’t on the wall is 3-D and so approachable– the viewer is in the same world, unlike viewing a painted scene in which you are looking at it through the eyes of another.  Pottery has no barrier between artist and viewer.


William Itter, African collection

IU collection

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One response to “Blog #7 Non Western, Part 1

  1. jesshunter7

    August 1, 2012 at 11:35 pm

    While you did describe the factual information, I was hoping for a little more of a background to the pieces. Why did the artist create them? Did they symbolize anything? Are there any special techniques that he used? I am just a curious person, I guess..
    I thought it was interesting how you felt the pottery had a more personal feel. I too think it is neat how the pieces are more than just something to look at–I mean in some cases, you can use pottery to hold items, as vases, etc.


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